Sony C37a (2x)
Sony C800 (non-G version)
Neumann SM69 Stereo Tube
Sennheiser MD-441 (2x)
ElectroVoice RE20 (2x)
AKG D-12E (2x)
Beyerdynamic M130 & M160
AKG D-112
various solid state and tube DI boxes

MIC PREAMPS (60 channels)
Telefunken V76S (2x)
Sontec MB-1 (4x)
Audix 35102 (2x)
Langevin AM16 (4x)
Manley Mic/Line Tube Mixer (16x)
Studer 901 (12x)
Calrec MM3 (18x)

Tube-Tech SMC-2B (2x)
Sontec MPE200c
Neumann U473 (2x)
Teletronix LA-2A
ADM 1551 (2x)
Pultec HLF-3c
Calrec MM3 22 channels w/EQ, 4 stereo groups, 2 stereo buses
Studer 901 12 channels w/fully parametric EQ, 2 stereo buses
custom summing box 16x2 (amazing 2Hz - 500kHz flat freq. response)

CONVERTERS & EFFECTS (48 channels)
Prism ADA-8XR 8ch Analog/Digital I/O
Genex GX9048 8ch Analog/Digital I/O
TC Electronics M6000 8ch Digital & 6ch ADA2496 analog
Digidesign HD 192 16ch Analog/Digital I/O
DB Technologies 3000S superb downsampling converter
Tascam DA 3000 stereo master track recorder (192/24 WAV & DSD)

RECORDERS & STORAGE (24+ channels)
ProTools HD3 w/Apple Mac Pro
Studer A80-VU 1/2” tape mastering recorder
Genex GX9048 24ch Analog I/O
Tascam DA 3000 up to 24bit/192kHz and 2.8/5.6MHz DSD
Zoom F8 eigth-track field recorder up to 196/24
Sony PCM-1 stereo handheld

Genelec 1031 (matched pair) w/1029A subwoofer
Genelec 1029
Stax SR-009 ear-speakers with Stax 007t balanced amp
Sennheiser HD800

Sony MDR 7506 (2x)
Sony MDR 7509 (2x)
PrimaAcoustic Recoil Stabilizers

Boston Grand Piano 6' 7" Japanese Steinway & Sons licensed
Fender Rhodes 73 1970s classic electric piano
Yamaha P200
MIDI w/hammer action 88-keys 
Polytone MiniBrute III 1970s
Polytone MiniBrute V 1980s
Ampex 602
Reason & Ableton Live with Novation keyboard MIDI controller


fully balanced Mogami, Canare, Zaolla, and Hosa of all kinds and shapes
48ch analog XLR passive patchbay, many DB25 break out snakes, etc.

(last updated January 2017)