MICROPHONES & DI (16+ channels)
Vintage tube condenser:
Sony c37a (6AU6 tube, consecutive matched pair)
Neumann SM69 Stereo (dual AC701 tubes)
Royer R-122V (5840W tube)
Royer SF-12 Stereo

Beyerdynamic M130
Beyerdynamic M160


Sennheiser MD-441
(vintage matched pair)
ElectroVoice RE20 (vintage matched pair)
AKG D-12E (vintage non-matched pair)
AKG D-112 (modern classic)
various solid state and tube DI boxes

MIC PREAMPS (30+ channels)
Studer 901 Swiss analog console (12ch)
Calrec Minimixer2 British analog console (8ch mic, 10ch line)
Sontec MB-1 (2ch)
Langevin AM16 (2ch)
Zoom F8 for on-location work (8ch)

Tube-Tech SMC-2B (2x2ch mix-bus stereo multi-band tube units)
Sontec MPE-200c (2ch stereo EQ)
Neumann U473 (2ch matched compressors/expanders/limiters)
Neumann U473a (2ch matched compressors/expanders/limiters)
Filtek BKE-3 (4ch matched compressors/expanders/limiters)
Teletronix LA-2A (mono vintage classic, custom modified)
Pultec HLF-3c (mono vintage classic clone, custom order)
Studer 901 (12ch w/fully parametric EQ & 2 stereo buses)
Calrec Minimixer2 (18ch channels with EQ, 6ch Compressors)
custom summing box 16x2 (1Hz - 500kHz flat freq. response)

CONVERTERS & EFFECTS (48+ channels)
Prism ADA-8XR 8ch AD/DA with dithering built in
Genex GX9048 24ch AD/DA State of the Art converter/recorder
TC Electronics M6000 8ch AES/EBU with 6ch AD/DA 2496 cards
Digidesign HD 192 16ch Analog/Digital AD/DA
DB Technologies 3000S superb downsampling stereo converter/clock
Tascam DA 3000 stereo master track recorder (192/24 WAV & 2.8/5.6MHz DSD)

RECORDERS & STORAGE (24+ channels)
ProTools HD3
w/Apple Mac Pro (128GB Ram & 3.47GHz dual-hex)
Studer A80-VU 1/2” tape mastering recorder with butterfly heads & GP9 tapes
Genex GX9048 24ch Analog I/O DSD/PCM recorder
Tascam DA 3000 2ch
Zoom F8 eigth-track field recorder up to 196/24
Tascam DR100 MKiii stereo handheld recorder

Genelec S30C & S30D (matched pair with ribbon tweeters and 29Hz - 45kHz frequency response)
Genelec 1031
(matched pair) w/1029A subwoofer
Genelec 1029 (two matched pairs)
Sennheiser HD800 & Auralec Taurus fully balanced Amp
Audeze LCD-2 Fazor version

Sony MDR 7506 (2x)
Sony MDR 7509 (2x)
PrimaAcoustic Recoil Stabilizers
Coleman Audio 16ch switcher

Boston Grand Piano 6.5’ Japanese Steinway & Sons licensed
Fender Rhodes 73 1970s classic electric piano
Yamaha P200
MIDI w/hammer action 88-keys 
Polytone MiniBrute III
Polytone MiniBrute V 1980s
Ampex 602
Reason & Ableton Live with Novation keyboard MIDI controller

fully balanced Mogami, Canare, Zaolla, and Hosa of all kinds and shapes
48ch analog XLR passive patch-bay, many DB25 break out snakes, etc.

(last updated June 2018)