We offer the most competitive and fair rates in the Western North Carolina region along with a very high standard for sonic excellence. SonicADventures is privately owned by a couple of professional musicians who actively perform, teach, record, and produce both classical and jazz music.

Since each project has different set of requirements and time demands, each prospective client ought to contact us first before we can work out a fair quote. When contacting us, please keep in mind that we specialize in the following audio production services:

1. tracking, overdubbing, editing, and analog or digital mixing to 1/2” analog tape

on-location chamber music recording, either stereo or multitrack (up to 16 tracks)

3. digital/analog
mastering, Red Book Audio preparation including ISRC codes & CD text

4. highest quality transfer/downsampling of high resolution digital masters
from WAV up to 192/24 & DSD to 16/44 CD Audio or 16/48 DVD/Bluray Video standard

5. iTunes Radio master tracks conversion to MP3 & other compressed internet formats

6. youtube channel HD video standard conversions

downsampling, H264 via Quicktime, file size reduction while maintaining high visual quality

7. secure ftp downloads/uploads of your files via a private server, file sharing Worldwide

Why SonicADventures?
Here are a few ideas which could help answer this question.

We own a modest collection of vintage tube and modern solid state microphones, preamplifiers, mixing consoles, outboard gear, and mastering level analog and digital recorders, along with powerful AVID ProTools HD3 system with custom PRISM, GENEX, and LAVRY converters. We have selected all these recording and mixing instruments very carefully after years of thorough private listening tests and comparisons. We simply prefer their sound characteristics for our productions since vast majority of our projects we work on include
classical, jazz, and/or combination of various chamber acoustic music performances.

We use the same analog to digital (AD/DA) converters as
Deutsche Gramophone along with many other world-class production companies and labels. These converters were designed by the PRISM MEDIA and GENEX AUDIO from the U.K. and are known to be among the very best available.

Our studio is equipped with the industry standard Protools HD3 recording system and TC Electronics M6000 mastering effects system as 95% of recording studios worldwide use for both tracking and post production. This makes it easy to exchange files among studios World-wide.

We are capable of providing reliable, battery backed up
on­-location recording & tracking services for chamber acoustic music projects and most live performances.

Our home studio features a $32,000 valued
Steinway & Sons certified Boston 6' 7" grand piano in superb condition as well as well maintained vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano along with amps by Ampeg and Polytone. It is a descent space to record small group of musicians successfully when performing acoustic music.

We have had some twenty-five years of experience in recording both stereo and multi-track performances and mixing for clients from the European Union, United States, and Canada. You can be assured that your project is in very good hands.

Being active musicians, educators, avid music supporters and lovers, as well as producers we understand the importance of capturing the very detail of each client’s performance, so let us help each one of you imprint those rare moments and bursts of creativity into the history. We would be delighted to share these experiences with you! After all, those are the moments to live for, wouldn’t you say?