SONICadVENTURES stands for exploration of musical sounds through recording, mixing, and mastering processes using both analog (A) and digital (D) domains. We offer specialized professional quality services in audio production and post-production in Western North Carolina region and are delighted to serve the area musicians, singers, songwriters, composers, chamber ensembles, music organizations, and concert artists. We also mix and master projects Worldwide via integrated Avid Protools HD3 system and offer on-location recordings of concerts, recitals, and live shows as well as post-production services and web audio and video file preparation.

I have been fond of music for as long as I can remember. My first classical piano lessons had started when I was five and shortly after that I joined a children's choir in my home town to further enhance my musicianship. This was an auditioned group consisting of very young and talented students and a rather competitive environment to be part of. We had performed and traveled regularly within Central Europe and I had stayed a member until my early teens when my voice finally started to change.

In my third year at the Janacek Conservatory of Music in Ostrava (former Czechoslovakia), where I studied classical piano and music theory, I began recording my first jazz combo rehearsals and live performances. It was at that time when I was selected to become a part time accompanist for the percussion department as well as the time when the Velvet revolution in Czechoslovakia took place. It was us, the students, who had helped change the system from hard core communism to democracy and it took only about six weeks. I was in the middle of all those events along with my peers, helping our voices to be heard in public since all media were still under the control of the communist party in late 1989. It was also then when I got my feet wet when attempting to learn how to improvise and study various Jazz styles, and when I started to perform professionally with local bands for pay, and began writing tunes in jazz idiom and first contemporary classical chamber music compositions, while practicing and working on my piano skills for about 10-hours every day to further enhance my overall musicianship skills. Those were great times full of hard solitary work in the practise room, but also full of hope for better future.

For the past two decades I've been repeatedly asked to mix and master various audio sessions for my close friends and clients from the EU region which has led me into exploring this field on a professional level and helped me experience areas of music production most musicians never have a chance to witness up close. My wife and partner in this endeavor Andrea has been very helpful in supporting me and my passion for capturing sounds of music and therefore deserves full recognition. Thank you!

My first job teaching at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri in the early 2000 included a recording arts element as part of my load. I was in charge of all faculty concert recordings in addition to teaching jazz oriented courses and directing jazz ensembles there. My passion for recording arts has continued to grow and culminated in 2012 when I was signed to the New Port Line label of Prague, Czech Republic to produce five jazz albums for them. On my albums you can often hear outstanding American jazz soloists of today such as John Riley on drums (Vanguard Jazz Orchestra), Donny McCaslin on tenor saxophone (David Bowie and Maria Schneider Orchestra), Joel Frahm on tenor and soprano saxophones (Brooklyn based virtuoso musician), Paul Bollenback on guitar (Joey DeFrancesco Trio), or the upcoming release of my latest quartet music featuring Rick Margitza (Miles Davis' tenor saxophonist). These collaborations have proven to be very promising for my upcoming future carrier as a music producer, jazz pianist and composer, as well as music mixer and mastering engineer, therefore I'm very thankful for the great friendship, support, and opportunity given by Petr Marek, owner of the New Port Line label. Big thanks go also to my colleague and our audio engineer Dan Gonko at WCU, who has been willing to accommodate my needs during each tracking session as I prefer to use my own microphones and preamps as much as possible.

And so here we are in early 2017. Regardless of how this new presidency turns out (blink, blink), I feel good about the future of music and art form of jazz regardless of the shortcomings we as musicians are faced with in today's digitally oriented download world of hardly-paying streaming media services. May true art prevail and may we as humans find a way to support true artists well into the future because without art what is the point of living?

(last updated January 2017)