PHOTOGRAPHY has been my passion for couple of decades now and the primary reason for creating this web site originally. For a few years now however I have used a professional hosting site on Flickr to showcase my work instead:

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Where one lives is rather important in photography for those who can't afford traveling too often and too far (that would be I guess most of us). Blue Ridge Parkway is just a 25-minute drive from my home and gives me a tremendous opportunity to observe and capture these spectacular images in and around the Great Smoky National Park. It is the most visited national park in the USA and when the leaves start changing each Fall, there are numerous photographers coming to capture these sceneries from all around the planet. To see what I mean, just click on THIS link. I also feel blessed to be able to spend most of my summers back in Europe performing and teaching music to young aspiring jazz musicians. Therefore, some of my image collections also reflect photos taken in the old country and/or features some architecture and images of various inspiring cities.

My ultimate goal is to capture the essence and the vibrations of all my subjects, be it a landscape countryside, architecture, or a living being. I believe that a good photograph does not need any explanation. This is by far the approach I prefer with composing and/or presenting my music as well, therefore believe it is applicable onto the art of photography too.

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