Music News (04/2024)
My 2024 fundraising campaign to support two newest music album releases is currently underway, so "czech" it out at the following link:
2024 Kickstarter for "Emerald Waters" and "Coincidences"

II. There are new live music videos added regularly to my Youtube channel, so consider to subscribe. Here is one of them:

Here is a live version footage of "Lament For My Father" I composed in my father's honor after his unexpected passing in 2016. It was recorded live to 8-track in March 2023 during my faculty recital and captured via my iPhone 12 Pro:

Recording Arts News (04/2024)
I've finished editing, mixing, mastering, and audio-video merging of my most recent faculty recital featuring Glenn Basham on violin and Micah Thomas on hand percussion. Here is the first song of that evening:

II. I've edited, mixed to tape, and mastered my latest CD album project entitled "Emerald Waters" recorded November 2022 during my Sabbatical leave from WCU at studio Svarov near Prague. It features wonderful musicianship of David Doruzka (g), Robert Balzar (b), and Marian Sevcik (dr), and Geoff Clapp (perc). A truly challenging project, but I'm very excited about the way it turned out. Release pending July 2024. Here is a preview of all seven tracks:

I'm finishing up an analog remix/master of an acoustic piano/fender rhodes duet sessions we did back between 2008-2009 at Beechwood studio along with a wonderful pianist and composer Bill Gerhardt who passed away after a long illness in 2021. Here is an excerpt of Bill's original tune called "Under The Moon":

Photography & Videography News (04/2024)
Just finished an outdoor family portrait photoshoot and edits for a colleague of mine whose thirteen family members drove from as far as NJ and NY to celebrate their parents 50th wedding anniversary. Six 18x12 high quality prints await final approval and will be provided along with the original HQ JPEGs soon.

Finished an 8-track mix and video edit of "In Retrospect" - a faculty/guest piano jazz trio recital of original music. A clip from it has been posted on my youtube channel.

III. Last year I did yet another portrait session for my daughter Victoria Sara Wlosok to be used for a promotion of her new book "How To Find A Missing Girl" (published on September 17 2023 by Little, Brown).