Music news
  • Kickstarter campaign for a new double-CD & vinyl album release featuring the Wlosok/McGuirk/Riley Trio along with Carly Johnson on vocals will be announced soon this August!
  • Last April I recorded another project which includes re-harmonized arrangement of Amazing Grace. It has been mixed to tape and is awaiting a master in early 2020. It was a real pleasure to make music with Bob Sheppard (tenor/soprano saxes), Ed Soph (drums), Zack Page (acoustic bass), and Chris Beyt (guitar).
Recording Arts news
  • My annual recording services discount (15-20%) will be offered as part of the kickstarter campaign advertised above.
  • New free audio samples (MP3 & WAV) have been added to the SonicADventures pages for your enjoyment.
Photography news
  • Finished a 3-day long session with last year's kickstarter supporters and friends who hired me to be their guide and photographer while in Prague this summer.