Music news (01-2021)
  • A new double-CD release of mine entitled "Storyteller Live" with Rick Margitza (sax), Mike McGuirk (bass), Andrew Swift (drums), and yours truly on fender rhodes is planned for this Spring/Summer 2021 on Lukas Herink Promotion label (Prague, EU). Kickstarter campaign will start soon - stay tuned!
  • A new studio recording of mine "Amazing Grace Revisited" featuring Bob Sheppard (tenor/soprano saxes), Ed Soph (drums), Zack Page (acoustic bass), Chris Beyt (guitar), and yours truly on Yamaha C7 grand piano is also planned for a release later this coming fall/winter. It features a mix of new original music and some of my favorite standards, such as Keith Jarrett's beautiful ballad "Prism".
  • My 2020 double-CD album release "Never Too Old For Love" featuring vocalist Carly Johnson (vocals) along with Mike McGuirk (ac. bass) & John Riley (drums) is now available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon and the likes. You can hear a sample of it below:

Recording Arts news (2020)
  • Finished rather challenging mix and master of Lukas Oravec Orchestra in 2020 entitled "Light of Blue". This is a group of young, outstanding jazz big band musicians from Central EU presenting their original works in memory of Rostislav Fras, Czech tenor saxophonist, who left us way too soon. You can read a nice review of it here.
  • My collaboration with Adam Booker, jazz bassist and composer from Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, has rendered a nice CD album release. Not only I performed on this studio release, but also mixed and mastered it to analog tape. You can read a review of it here.
  • Finished a mix and master to tape of "Sperkasa" - fabulous group of London-based jazz musicians lead by percussionist and drummer Marek Dorcik. You can learn more about it here.
  • I'm currently preparing a solo piano Dolby Vision 4K video release of my newest arrangement entitled "Amazing Grace Revisited". Stay tuned!

Photography news (2020)
  • I'm taking some time off from my photography hobby due to my eyesight issues. I hope to get this resolved soon however.