I've been very blessed to have performed and recorded with some of the greatest jazz musicians out there and look forward to creating many more musical acquaintances. By putting myself into these positions, where I can collaborate, perform and/or record with the very best inspiring artists, it helps my growth and development in all areas of music. Free previews of my creations are available primarily on my YOUTUBE channel. For uninterrupted listening, please subscribe to one of the online streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify or simply buy my CDs on this website for the best quality uncompressed listening experience. Since Fall of 2015 I can be heard live virtually every Sunday (except when I tour) at 11am at the Memorial United Methodist Church in Franklin, NC as I perform both accompaniment and solo hymns, gospel, and jazz-influenced improvisations for our music-loving congregation.

By no means I'm a prodigy and therefore everything I have learned has been earned by hard work and desire to create free, independent, improvised art. To create original music which connects with the audience and yet is fun while challenging to listen to is not an easy endeavor and requires a lot of time spent in practise room, transcribing my hero musicians/composers and understanding their thinking processes while analyzing their music, sitting in at jam sessions and performing during the very late night hours in various jazz clubs and music venues, and lastly sharing the stage with inspiring experienced musicians who keep pushing my limits and help expand my musicianship. Jazz is simply a vehicle which helps me to transfer my daily experiences and inner feelings into cohesive artistic forms and shapes, cherished and admired by many diverse people on all five Continents. And for that I feel truly blessed and very fortunate.

Yes, it's true that being a musician, a "true creative artist" if you will can be rather difficult, but there are huge rewards. I enjoy performing for the public, and I love to feel the exchange of energy between the audience and myself. It's an extraordinary feeling, one which no money can buy. My own family has also been a great inspiration for my creations. My wife Andrea and our daughters Victoria Sara, Natalia Michelle, and Karolina Neomi are all joy to be around with... One can't ask for being more blessed. Lastly, there is my church family at Memorial United Methodist Church in Franklin, NC whose tremendous support and appreciation of my steady piano performances and choir rehearsals during their weekly services and rehearsals has given me a little extra income security needed to support my large family. For that I'm very thankful.

You will notice that my music sounds different as it is highly personal. While I keep listening to great musicians both of the past and present and get inspired over and over by doing so, I have worked very hard in the past three plus decades on developing my own personal voice, one which I'm proud of presenting each time I touch the piano keys in front of an audience. With high respect for all those musicians and composers who have come before me, including my peers and younger upcoming and aspiring musicians coming onto the scene, I must say that it has been a great journey so far and that although I'm nowhere need its completion I have certainly enjoyed being on it.

Pavel Wlosok (edited July 2019)