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In addition to standard CD master of 16bit/44.1kHz resolution, each client receives original 24bit mix files as well, often at 96kHz or 48kHz sampling rate. Those can serve for future high resolution audio needs, such as transfer to SACD, DVD-AUDIO, or future online streaming of 24/96 resolution files once the internet is able to keep up with the bandwidth needed.

  • Tracking, overdubbing, editing, and mixing (with 1/2” analog tape option)
  • Digital/analog mastering, Red Book Audio preparation including ISRC codes & CD text
  • Highest quality transfer/downsampling of high resolution digital masters
iTunes Radio master tracks conversion to MP3 & other compressed internet formats
Youtube channel HD video standard conversions, down-up sampling, video file size reduction
Secure ftp downloads/uploads of your files via a private server, file sharing Worldwide
On-location chamber music recording, either stereo or multitrack (up to 16 tracks)

Preservation of your original master files on a secured online cloud service