MORE QUOTES (in chronological order)
“Holy smokes!!! I love this album. You got that early 70s Lee Morgan/Harold Mabern/Clifford Jordan/early straight-ahead Chick sound going on (but with a modern twist). I love that stuff and am really into it lately. Bass player is awesome.”
Tim Miller (LA based jazz bassist after purchasing “Live at the Grey Eagle, Jubilee Suite” MP3, 2010) 

"Pavel, you are a very good teacher. I can tell by what they (percussion big band students) have learned from you; what you have explained and demonstrated in regards to style and feel, how you have said and demonstrated it, and then how they have interpreted. They are also hungry to learn much more. And they respect you."
Byron Hedgepeth
(Jazz and classical drummer, percussionist, and educator, 2007) 

"On behalf of the Jazz Composers Forum, Sharon LaMotte and myself, I wanted to thank you and WCU for having us teach and perform last Thursday. The bandmembers and I were all impressed with your jazz studies program there and the quality of the students we worked with. As you know, Sharon offered a sholarship to two of your students to attend our indepedent workshop in Asheville the following Saturday . . . I was very pleased with the turn out at our concert as well. One of the best parts was to see some of the students we worked with in the front row, soaking up the music like sponges!!! Very hip!!! Thanks again for letting the Jazz Composers Forum and COTANGENT be a part of your program this year. Keep up the great work!"
Bill Gerhardt
(Jazz composer & pianist,, 2006)

"I just wanted to thank you once again for visiting UNCG last week. I thoroughly enjoyed your performance with the jazz faculty on Wednesday evening, as well as your work with the jazz ensembles and Dr. Salmon's students. In fact, I have incorporated the techniques you discussed in Dr. Salmon's office into my own practice, and I am quite pleased with the difference I can hear in my improvisation. Best wishes for an exciting and productive semester!"
Tom Liles
(UNCG jazz studies major, 2006)

"I would like to thank you one more time for wonderful piano masterclasses you gave during the last summer jazz workshop in Prague. I must admit that at first I was a bit worried that you will lack patience for the beginners such as myself and that it will be difficult to understand everything. However I was surprised to find out that your teaching concept is great and that you can work with all levels including beginners such as myself. It was a great week with a lot of hints on how to practise and approach jazz piano in general. I have a lot of motivation thanks to you."
Andrea Almasi
(International Summer Prague Jazz Workshop jazz piano student, 2006) 

"I have been a jazz bass player/composer/arranger for nearly 40 years and I have not heard a fresher harmonic approach in a very long time. Your playing has a lightness and transparency that evokes impressions in me of  perhaps what Debussy or Ravel would sound like if they were alive and playing jazz today (I hope that doesn't sound to "out there" but that is what I hear in your playing.) Discovering you has been as refreshing as a cool breeze on a hot night. I hope to hear more of your wonderful playing as well."
Bill Locklear
(Custom Music,, 2006)