The song used in this example is named
"Remembering Greece" recorded at CAT on campus of WCU and performed by master musicians Bob Sheppard (tenor saxophone), Ed Soph (drums), Zack Page (acoustic bass), Chris Beyt (guitar) who were accompanied by me (piano, composition).

Mix3b is digitally mixed inside ProTools HD3 (DAW) and bounced to analog via D/A converters using only basic plugins

Mix7 same as above with added loudness and width using external analog gear

Mix10 same as above with improved balanced of all instruments and correction of phase issues and comb filtering using delay compensation

Mix13 same as above with improved tenor saxophone sound and overall group sound - getting close to ideal sound

Mix15a same as above with additional minor improvements and use of Neve MBP Portico II series Bus compressor

Mix15b same Mix15a however ran simultaneously to custom 1/2" analog reel to reel Studer tape master recorder - preferred final sound

All audio tracks discussed on this page have been RMS-level matched within 0.1dB for an easy listening comparison, so there are no differences in the volume when listening side by side. If any of the tracks above sound louder or bolder to you, it is because of the mixing technique used, natural compression and saturation of the reel to reel tape, and/or mix bus compressor.

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