Music News (07/2023)
I. After returning from my 5-week long EU tour, here is the most recent solo performance of my original arrangement of "Amazing Grace Revisited" from a few weeks ago:

Here is an original of mine "Lament For My Father" recorded live to 8-track last March:

My latest quartet CD album "Feel The Love" was released on 10/28/2022 in the Czech Republic. Here is first track entitled "Remembering Greece":

To hear excerpts of all songs, please visit the following link:

IV. And here is an excerpt from 2021 double-CD album release entitled "Storyteller Live":

Recording Arts News (04/2023)
I. I've completed edits and analog tape mix of Marcin Slusarczyk Quintet featuring the music of legendary Polish jazz and film composer and pianist Andrzej Trzaskowski recorded in Wojkowice, Poland at MAQ Records. Super fun and challenging project! Digital CD master awaits.

I've edited and mixed to tape my latest CD album project recorded last November during my Sabbatical leave at studio Svarov near Prague along with wonderful musicians David Doruzka (g), Robert Balzar (b), and Marian Sevcik (dr). Last month Geoff Clapp overdubbed percussion on four tracks and I've added organ and keyboard backgrounds via the Roland RD-2000 keyboard. Truly challenging project, but I'm very excited about the way it turned out, so stay tuned for a release date later in 2023 or early 2024.

I've finished working on edits and analog mix/master of an acoustic piano/fender rhodes duet sessions I did back between 2008-2009 at my home Beechwood studio along with a wonderful pianist and composer Bill Gerhardt who passed away after a long illness in 2021. Here is an excerpt of Bill's original tune called "Under The Moon" from this project:

Completed the following mixes and masters of clients album projects in 2021/22:
Drifter Days" by Daniel Bulatkin.
"Movin' Spirit" by Lukas Oravec.
"Light of Blue" by Lukas Oravec Orchestra. Nominated for 2021 Slovakian Esprit Award.
Seven Last Words" by Adam Booker. You can read a review of it here.
Sperkasa" by Marek Dorcik. You can learn more about it here.

Photography & Videography News (07/2023)
I. Finished another portrait session for my daughter Victoria Sara Wlosok to be used for a promotion of her new book "How To Find A Missing Girl" (to be published September 17 2023 by Little, Brown).

Finished an 8-track mix and video edit of "In Retrospect" - a faculty/guest piano jazz trio recital of original music. A clip from it has been posted on my youtube channel.

III. Finished mixing some of my jazz trio live shows from the Foundry Hotel in Asheville NC and jazz quartet shows from Little Jumbo venue.